Vaunted Goods is owned and operated by a Medically Retired US Marine Grunt of OIF/OEF. We specialize in handmade leather goods joined with Mil-Spec materials. Our inspiration is drawn from the love of quality craftsmanship and our military background. Carry the Blood Stripe.

The Blood Stripe red stitching found on every Vaunted Goods product is an homage to the Marine Corps Blood Stripe found on our dress uniforms, a remembrance of those lost in service. 
Mil-Spec, US made, Berry Compliant materials are used. The same that is found in our servicemembers' kit. Can be camo or solid colors.

The leather is from Wickett & Craig, a specialty vegetable tannery in the USA. We use their full grain Traditional Harness made for hard-use equestrian gear but is cut down for high-end leather goods and shows marbling and light/dark colors. Their jack glazing will not mask the natural grain.

The thread is Ritza 25 Tiger Thread, a very high-quality, durable, and UV protected thread.

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